Stories from Real People

WES … “Growing up our family faithfully attended the Baptist church in our small town of Tribune, KS.   At twelve years of age, I went forward during a revival service and got baptized.  Only years later did I come to the realization that I was not saved…”

DONNA … “I was raised in a Christian home, and my parents took me and my siblings to church.  My Dad was in the Army and got stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.  We attended a small Baptist mission church in downtown Stuttgart, and at the age of 9, I understood I was a sinner and could not save myself…I continued attending church but later I questioned my salvation.  

LORIE … “I thought that I was saved, but after we came to church, I said “the sinners prayer” just to make sure. I acted as if the prayer itself that saves us. I learned “the sinners prayer” is not some magic words…

TIM … “I was raised in church from an early age. I attended church several times a week, was baptized at the age of 6 and even went to the Christian school. It wasn’t until I was several years older that I realized that none of those thing I “did” would actually get me to heaven...”

Maybe you can relate to some of these testimonies.  Many of us thought we were on our way to heaven only to discover that Biblical Salvation is very different from what we believed or were taught.

Find out if what you believe is what the Bible actually teaches