Why Christian Education?

Are you tired of your children being indoctrinated in liberal, anti-God, anti-Bible ideology?

We were too! That’s why we founded Westside Baptist Academy in 1994.  To teach and train a Godly young people with a Christian worldview.

Christian education is important because it teaches students to incorporate God and the Bible into all things.  God is not confined to church or family life.  Christian education can become an avenue which paves the way for children to explore parts of God’s character, that would be left unnoticed otherwise.

All this is done while providing Excellence in Education by using ABEKA video instructors.  Master Teachers who are truly concerned about your child’s education combined with experienced in person supervision and tutors to guide your children through difficult areas.

We invite you to learn more about this affordable solution for educating your children.

By combining ABEKA video instructors with experienced monitors and tutors all at our West El Paso campus – We believe this gives the attention and learning environment each student needs and deserves while keeping the costs under control.

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Principal Bob Babnick – 915-877-4512

Education Excellence

Abeka Video Schools offers Christian schools comprehensive, biblically-based curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids and more for K-12th Grade using a traditional spiral, learning approach.

Abeka’s proven approach to teaching helps teachers teach and students learn. It begins with our traditional philosophy of education.

This teacher-directed framework empowers teachers to focus students’ attention on the material they need to learn—in a context and sequence that will help them learn it best.

As students begin to grasp what’s being taught, newly acquired concepts and skills are fortified time and again using a method often referred to as spiral learning.

Finally, students’ growing mastery of subject matter is strengthened because of the comprehensive design of our curriculum.

Material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects. At every step of the way, students learn, apply, and master new concepts and skills.

Since education shouldn’t end with a diploma, Abeka gives students a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. We make it easy so you can make it amazing.