What Happened to the Church??

Somewhere along the way, the concept of church has been turned upside down!

At one point in time, church was about honoring and pleasing God. The trend today is that church is all about man.  This man-centered “church” (where we’re the consumer, and church is the product) has horribly changed our communities and our families.  God has faded into the background while man has taken center stage.  This trend seems to have invaded most churches.

At Westside our desire is to keep God in His proper place.  We want to honor and please Him in the church.  We would like to invite you to attend one of our services as we attempt to fulfill the original design God gave for His church.  Please join us soon!

While we’d love to have you visit our church, the most important thing is that your sins are forgiven, and that heaven will be your eternal home!  Most people claim to be Christians and hope they’re on their way to heaven, but the way they live their lives presents a very different reality.

Since I was raised in church and even attended a Christian school, I thought I was a Christian for many years, but the reality was…read more