Do I really love God?

Recently I read 1st Cororintians 13. The “love” chapter. Take a few moments and read it yourself. As Iwere read it, I started thinking about this question: Do I really love God? How do I know that I really love God?

Here are a few questions to analize myself. 

  • How is my worship? Is it me-centered or Jesus-centered?
  • How is my fellowship? Am I demonstrating God’s love to those around me?
  • How is my  generosity? Is God leading me to give more to the advancement of His kingdom?
  • How is my service? What have I done in the past 30 days to serve the Lord beyond just church attendance?
  • How is my witness? Have I shared the love of Jesus with anyone in the past month?

Pastor Adrian Rogers, used to say, “If the greatest commandment is to love God with all of your heart, the greatest sin is not to do it.” 

Do you really love God? How do you know?