Discovering Life’s Purpose

Sanctification, stewardship, and service are three aspects of God’s purpose for EVERY believer’s life.

Reading: Ephesians 2:8-10

What is my purpose in life? Many people today are asking that question, but only those who have trusted Christ as Savior and Lord can ever discover the true answer. Today’s passage tells us that our salvation is an act of God, and now we’re His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to accomplish what He has prepared for us to do. That is our purpose in life, and it has three components.

  1. Sanctification is simply ongoing growth in holiness. As we cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in our life, He transforms our character to be more like the Lord’s and renews our mind with scriptural truth.
  2. Stewardship is faithful management of the time, talents, spiritual gifts, and treasures God has given us. They are to be used according to His priorities and direction, not for our own self-advancement.
  3. Service includes things like stimulating spiritual growth, meeting physical needs, and encouraging one another through Scripture. We serve the Lord by ministering to others.

All this is your purpose in life. But remember, this is not about self-effort; it’s God at work in you. Your part is to avail yourself of all the means He uses to accomplish His goals — His Word, His Spirit, and His Church.