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When the Blind Man Saw the Cross

By wsbt | April 10, 2014

cross with thorns


“What is all the noise on Golgatha that the people are runnig toward?”

          -”They go to crucify two men and a deceiver.”

-”Thieves, murderers, plunderers, notorious criminals.”

          -”And who is the deceiver whom they crucify with them?”

-”Ask the Pharisees, it’s their business.”

          -”I will go to see…”

When I said “to see”, I was reminded of the years that I was blind! O, now I remember the moment that He stood before me and, with compassion knelt and took mud from the ground and rubbed it onto my eyes. He told me to go to the pool of siloam and wash them. When I first saw the Light-giver in front of me, I saw all the beauty of the world in His face and in His eyes, hope. I looked all around with my two eyes and saw everything-the ground, every rock, and every living, breathing form. What life, what joy the light has He brought to me ! But let me now go to see this deceiver who will be nailed to the cross. Towards the hill people go, scoffing and clamorous and confused. Thousands of voices rumble together like one voice-like a curse. Where are they going? To the side, three mourners hold a fainting one. She may be the poor mother!

     Suddenly, the noisy crowd is silenced. Whack! They nail. Agonizing groans drown out the pounding, and the first two crosses are raised. Whack! Again they nail, but no groans are heard. Look! The third cross is raised. What! Is it You who gave me sight that they call a deceiver? And is the fate of my eyes to see this and to cry? What do I need with the beauty of the earth and sky? Take away the light You gave me, and make me blind again!


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Be here Sunday, April 6th at 6:30pm to hear the Dartts!

By wsbt | March 27, 2014

dartts (2)


Gospel Song-Writing Legend on tour and performing here Sunday, April 6th!

Tracy Dartt and his musical family group, “The Dartts” are a treat to the ears of music lovers everywhere, especially if you’re a fan of Gospel music. Their song list flows from one style of music into another- built from a catalog of original Gospel songs they’ve written themselves- and it’s all delivered with a smooth vocal blend and beautiful harmonies too!

Tracy is the author of the #1 hit song, “God On The Mountain”. This, and many of his other songs have been recorded by some of the world’s top Gospel musicians, including the Cathedral Quartet, Jason Crabb, The McKameys, Jake Hess, Lynda Randle, The Dixie Melody Boys, and countless others. The group consists of Tracy Dartt and his wife, Sharon, their youngest son,Stone Mountain Dartt, and long-time group member, BJ Speer.

The Dartts travel full time throughout the USA and abroad, doing around 200 concerts a year. Their brand new album, “Get Up and Get Your Shoes On” is a wonderful collection of freshly written songs that audiences everywhere seem to love. It’s available in the iTunes Store or you can get the CD or mp3 album directly from www.DarttMusic.com. The Dartts invite you to check out their full-length movie, “The God On The Mountain Legacy”-it’s been aired on television, it’s been featured in multiple magazines and websites, and it’s available on DVD from www.DarttMusic.com. The film celebrates the inspiring legacy of Tracy’s #1 hit, Dove-nominated song, “God On The Mountain”, featuring many personal stories from the artists who have been involved with the song’s success. The movie’s conterpart album, “The God On The Mountain Legacy-Music From the Motion Picture”, features 4 new recordings by the Dartts, plus the digitally remastered orginal recording of “God On The Mountain” by the author himself, Tracy Dartt. Visit www.DarttMusic.com to see a preview of the film, listen to samples of the album, and to order the DVD of this one-of-a-kind movie, “The God On The Mountain.”

Look for the music of “The Dartts”, “Tracy Dartt” and “BJ Speer” online at www.darttmusic.com.

You can also find them on iTunes and Facebook.

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God’s Want Ad

By wsbt | March 20, 2014



If God wrote a want ad, perhaps it would read like this:

“Kingdom workers needed immediately. Urgency of task and shortage of workers makes it mandatory that we expand our labor pool immediately. Recent resignations have left many openings. Frequency absenteeism will force us to make unwanted cutbacks in services unless we expand work force immediately, plus an excellent training manual is available. Training manual has been tried and proven over the past two thousands years.

We hire regardless of sex, race or age. Diverse backgrounds welcome and even helpful. In the past, we have used peasants and poets, kings and fig pickers, fishermen and doctors, harlots and queens, young lads and wise old men.

Main qualifications: Firm faith in Christ, a soft heart and thick skin. Work not suitable for everyone. Must be able to withstand criticism of fellow workers and shirkers who often insist on their rights while ignoring their responsibilities.”

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I Am Your Church

By wsbt | March 6, 2014

Thank God for 32 years!

I am your church. Make of me what you will. I shall reflect you as clearly as a mirror. If outwardly, my appearance is pleasing and inviting, it is because you have made me so. If within, my spiritual atmosphere is kindly, yet earnest; reverent, yet friendly; worshipful, yet sympathetic, and strong; divine, yet humanly expressed, it is but the manifestation of the spirit of those who constitute my membership. But if you should by chance, find me a bit cold or dull, I beg of you not to condemn me, for I show forth the kind of life I receive from you. Of this you may always be assured; I will respond instantly to your every wish practically expressed, for I reflect the image of your own soul.

Make of me what you will.




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10 Things God Can’t Do

By wsbt | February 20, 2014

Holy Bible

1. God can’t get tired. -Isaiah 40:28

2. God can’t take on a job He can’t handle. -Jeremiah 32:17

3. God can’t be unholy. -Isaiah 6:3

4. God can’t be prejudiced. -Acts 10:34-35

5. God can’t break a promise. -Psalms 89:34

6. God can’t remember sins He’s chosen to forget. Isaiah 43:25

7. God can’t make a loser. -2 Corinthians 2:14

8. God can’t abandon you. -Deuteronomy 31:6

9. God can’t stop thinking about you.-Psalms 139:17-18

10. God can’t stop loving you. -Jeremiah 31:3

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34th Annual Mission Conference February 14-16th!!

By wsbt | January 28, 2014

Join us for our 34th Annual Mission Conference February 14-16th.

“Go Ye Therefore” Matt. 22:9

We will have with us:

Missionaries to Peru-Max & Debbie Harmon 



Missionaries to Scotland-Jody & Ginger Hodnett



Church Planters to El Paso, Texas-Michael & Camille Neff


neff family

Missionaries with WorldView Ministries-Neal & Becky Hendrigsman



Services will be:

Friday- 7pm- Bro. Mike Neff

7:45pm- Bro. Neal Hendrigsman

Saturday- 7pm- Bro. Jody Hodnett

7:45pm- Bro. Neal Hendrigsman

Sunday- 10am-Bro. Max Harmon 

11am- Bro. Neal Hendrigsman

6:30pm- Bro. Neff, Bro. Hodnett, and Bro. Harmon

7:15pm- Bro. Neal Hendrigsman


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Join with us this Sunday the 26th, and meet the Walker Family!

By wsbt | January 21, 2014


Since 1990, Roundup Ministries has been rounding up souls to be saved, soul winners to search, strays to get back into service, and students for Bible college.  Kevin Walker is an independent, fundamental Baptist missionary evangelist.  He and his family travel to the local church ministering in revivals, teen and junior camps, vacation Bible schools, family conferences, and mission conferences.

Service times are:

Sunday School at 9:45am

Morning Worship with special Junior Church service at 11am

& Sunday evening at 6:30pm

For more information on the Walker Family and their ministry, please visit their website:


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The Walker Family will be with us Sunday, January 26th.

By wsbt | January 17, 2014


Since 1990, Roundup Ministries has been rounding up souls to be saved, soul winners to search, strays to get back into service, and students for Bible college.  Kevin Walker is an independent, fundamental Baptist missionary evangelist.  He and his family travel to the local church ministering in revivals, teen and junior camps, vacation Bible schools, family conferences, and mission conferences.




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Should You Make Your Child Go To Church?

By wsbt | January 17, 2014


Here is a good question you should ask your self as a parent:

(Check at the end to see who made this powerful statement)

“Shall I force my children to go to church?”

“Shall I make my child go to church? Yes, and with no further discussion about the matter. Are you startled? Why? How do you answer them when they come to breakfast on Monday morning and announce to you that they are ot going to school anymore? You know! They go! How do you answer them when they come say: “I’m not going to take a bath.” They bathe!

Why all this timidity then in the realm of their spiritual guidance and growth? Going to wait and let them decide what church they will go to when old enough? You did not wait until they were old enough to decide whether they wished to remain dirty or be clean. Do you wait until they are old enough to decide if they want to take medicine when they are sick?

What will you say when they announce they do not like to go to church? That is easy to answer. Just be consistent. Tell them “In our family we all go to church and that includes you!”

The parents of America can strike a telling blow against Juvenile delinquency if our mothers and fathers will take their children to worship our Lord regularly.”

-J. Edgar Hoover


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January is Family Month at WSBT!

By wsbt | January 9, 2014

J. Edgar Hoover had this to say:

“How to raise a delinquent”


-Give them whatever they ask for, because it is easier than arguing

-Pride yourself on not prying into their life: where they spend their time, their friends, their after-school activities

-Their side, is your side in their arguments with teachers

-Home is a battleground for their parents

-You expect them to attend religious services but are too busy yourself

-You say, “I’m busy now, tell me later”

-They are expected to live up to the law, while you run through stop signs

-You smile when they scoff at “squares” and admire those who “get away with it”

-You assume their problems are minor ones

-”White lies” are all right for you, but they are expected to tell the whole truth

-You think the world is against you-and accept it

-”Let someone else do it” is your attitude toward charity and community service

-Your threatened punishments are not carried out

-Your punishments are too harsh

-You are looking for “something for nothing”

-You never admit you could be wrong

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