Westside Baptist Temple

Times Of Services

By wsbt | April 24, 2017

Ministries of our church 

We would like for you and for your family to visit our church as you would be very welcome. We use only the King James 1611 Version of the Bible and we still sing from the hymn book. May God bless you and yours this day! 

Contact Information:


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I Am Your Church

By wsbt | March 6, 2014

Thank God for 32 years!

I am your church. Make of me what you will. I shall reflect you as clearly as a mirror. If outwardly, my appearance is pleasing and inviting, it is because you have made me so. If within, my spiritual atmosphere is kindly, yet earnest; reverent, yet friendly; worshipful, yet sympathetic, and strong; divine, yet humanly expressed, it is but the manifestation of the spirit of those who constitute my membership. But if you should by chance, find me a bit cold or dull, I beg of you not to condemn me, for I show forth the kind of life I receive from you. Of this you may always be assured; I will respond instantly to your every wish practically expressed, for I reflect the image of your own soul.

Make of me what you will.




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Should You Make Your Child Go To Church?

By wsbt | January 17, 2014


Here is a good question you should ask your self as a parent:

(Check at the end to see who made this powerful statement)

“Shall I force my children to go to church?”

“Shall I make my child go to church? Yes, and with no further discussion about the matter. Are you startled? Why? How do you answer them when they come to breakfast on Monday morning and announce to you that they are ot going to school anymore? You know! They go! How do you answer them when they come say: “I’m not going to take a bath.” They bathe!

Why all this timidity then in the realm of their spiritual guidance and growth? Going to wait and let them decide what church they will go to when old enough? You did not wait until they were old enough to decide whether they wished to remain dirty or be clean. Do you wait until they are old enough to decide if they want to take medicine when they are sick?

What will you say when they announce they do not like to go to church? That is easy to answer. Just be consistent. Tell them “In our family we all go to church and that includes you!”

The parents of America can strike a telling blow against Juvenile delinquency if our mothers and fathers will take their children to worship our Lord regularly.”

-J. Edgar Hoover


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The Will of God

By wsbt | August 8, 2013

prayer for america ppp

The will of God will NEVER take you:

Where the grace of God cannot keep you,

Where the arms of God cannot support you,

Where the riches of God cannot supply your needs.

Where the power of God cannot endow you.

Where the Spirit of God cannot work through you.

Where the wisdom of God cannot teach you.

Where the army of God cannot protect you.

Where the hands of God cannot mold you.

Where the love of God cannot enfold you.

Where the mercies of God cannot sustain you.

Where the peace of God cannot calm your fears.

Where the authority of God cannot overrule for you.

Where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears.

Where the Word of God cannot feed you.

Where the miracles of God cannot be done for you.

Where the omnipresence of God cannot find you.

Everything happens for a purpose. We may not see the wisdom of it all now, but trust and believe in the Lord that everything is for the best.

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Who Cares?….Jesus Cares!

By wsbt | August 16, 2011

In every prayer I offer God,

I will never forget to say

How very happy and thankful I am

That He cares for me each day.

There isn’t a second, a minute, or hour

that He is not close by,

To laugh with me in all my joy

or hold me when I cry.

He shares my pain and calms my fears,

Makes me strong when I am weak

He gave me His Son when

I was not worthy

and the Bible for His words to seek.

To nourish my body He gives me food,

the Holy Spirit to feed my soul,

and in so many other wonderful ways

He keeps my life in loving control

So how can I not be grateful

and in each and every prayer

tell Him how very much I love Him

and give thanks because He cares.

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