The Danger of Disobedience

There is never a good reason to disobey the Lord.

1 Samuel 13:5-14

We may be tempted to think that disobedience in a small matter really won’t affect us too much. Surely God isn’t going to be bothered by something so inconsequential, especially if our motives are good. But in reality, we never have good motives for any act of disobedience, and the consequences aren’t lessened by our attempt to diminish its size.

King Saul didn’t want to go to battle until Samuel was there to offer the burnt sacrifice. But when the prophet didn’t arrive on time and the army was beginning to desert, fear made Saul impatient. So he handled the offering himself, attempting to get God’s blessing by disobediently usurping the role of the priest. When confronted by Samuel, the king tried to justify his actions.

What Saul saw as a small, necessary disobedience, God viewed as a serious act of rebellion. As a result, Saul’s kingdom would end and the Lord would one day appoint someone else to Israel’s throne.

Are there any “small disobediences” in your life that you’re trying to justify? It could be something you’ve done or perhaps something you’ve refused to do. The only solution for any act of disobedience is to confess and repent.