Lessons from Dark Times

Dark, challenging times are never wasted when you follow the Lord.
Read: Genesis 39

Joseph’s faith in Dark times – we’ll look today at some principles that guided Joseph during challenging moments in his life. 

Dark times may continue until God’s purpose is accomplished. The Lord’s plan was to prepare Joseph to rescue his family, as well as the nation of Egypt, from famine. But first, God placed Joseph in the role of a servant, where he earned credibility with Egyptian leaders. Then, it was in prison that the Lord “shewed mercy, and gave him favour” (Gen. 39:21), positioning him to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. Through these difficult situations, Joseph was chosen by Pharaoh to lead Egypt and save the nation from famine as God planned. 

We learn in both the dark and the light. Besides discovering God’s faithfulness, Joseph learned to handle high and low positions, to say no to temptation, and to discern God’s presence. 

What we learn in the darkness, we’re to share in the light. Joseph did not let imprisonment discourage him from helping others (Gen. 40:1-23). In fact, when interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams, he openly shared his faith and God-given knowledge (Gen. 41:15-16). 

No one goes looking for hard times, but they seem to find some of us regularly. Instead of fearing them, we can trust God and embrace His plan, knowing He uses trials for His glory and our gain.