Learning How to Listen to God

Untold blessings await those who pay attention to our Father’s voice.

Psalm 81:8-16

The Lord wants us to pay attention to Him, but sometimes we ignore His voice and miss His blessings. Learning to listen to God is as important as learning to talk to Him—if not more so. Generally, we find it much easier to rattle off a prayer than to sit quietly and wait to hear what He has to say.

Since two-way conversation is essential in developing a relationship, being able to hear the Lord’s voice is a vital part of the Christian life. Sometimes we have the notion that after being saved, we just automatically know Him. But that is not true in any kind of relationship. Just as we grow to know another person through communication, so we become more intimately acquainted with God through listening and talking to Him.

Not only do we need ears to hear His voice; we also must have discernment to accurately understand what He is saying. Being grounded in the Scriptures sharpens our discernment and protects us from deception. Have you ever considered that neglect of God’s Word is a rejection of Him? The Lord continually calls out, “Oh that my people had hearkened unto me” (Ps. 81:13). He is ready and willing to speak to those who will humble themselves, take the time to listen, and respond obediently to whatever He says.