Are you hiding from God?

No, Seriously – are you hiding from God?

Genesis 3:1-13

How do you handle guilt? Mankind has tried to avoid dealing with this painful emotion for as long as humanity has existed. It all began in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and we’ve been using their faulty methods in an attempt to silence guilt ever since.

Adam and Eve’s first reaction was to cover up rather than “fess up,” but nothing can conceal sin from God.

Next, they attempted to hide from the Lord. Have you ever found yourself avoiding prayer and time in the Scriptures because you don’t want to feel convicted?

Then they refused to take personal responsibility and tried shifting the blame to others. But we’re each responsible before God for our actions, regardless of the circumstances or who else is involved.

Fully aware of Adam and Eve’s guilt, the Lord came to them and asked several questions designed to bring them face-to-face with their sin. And this is still the only way to deal with our failures. We must come to the Lord in confession and repentance so we can receive the forgiveness and cleansing Christ purchased for us on the cross.