A Necessary but Challenging Lesson

Patience is a fruit that can be difficult to exhibit, but we must always seek God’s will and wait for His perfect timing.

Read Psalm 27:7-14

There are many lessons for us to learn in the Christian life, and one of the hardest involves patience. When we have a problem, we want an immediate solution, but that’s not always God’s will for us. He wants us to trust Him and leave the timing in His hands. 

As you read today’s passage from Psalm 27, notice that David coupled the admonition to wait upon God with encouragement to be strong and courageous (27:14) In our culture, people are quick to act because they’re afraid of missing out on something; it takes courage to go against this trend and be still while the world rushes past. There are even many believers who have bought into that attitude. Instead of waiting for God’s timing, they make a move and ask God to bless it.  

Are you asking the Lord for guidance or provision but hear only His silence? Jesus addressed this issue when He said that if we seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, then whatever we need will be provided (Matt 6:33) As you wait, ask the Lord for His peace and patience. Then trust Him to take care of any remaining needs in His perfect time.