This Independent Fundamental Baptist church was founded on the Westside of El Paso, Texas on the 28th day of June, 1978, by Dr. Carl Chitwood and his family.  

Pastor Carl & Marilyn Chitwood

 We will celebrated our 42nd Anniversary this June 2020. The founding pastor, Carl Chitwood, is still the pastor of the church. Dr. Chitwood attended and graduated from Midwestern Baptist College (at the time was in Pontiac, Michigan) from 1972-1976 under the leadership of  the college’s founder, Dr. Tom Malone.

We believe that Jesus is God, and that He is the only Savior in this world. Jesus is the only way to an everlasting life in heaven.  Everyone   needs Jesus,

a local church, and a pastor called by God.

         Bro. Robert Babnick and Wife Linda. He is our Assistant  Pastor &  Principle of our Christian School


Why Should You Attend Westside Baptist Temple?

 Holy Bible

To find purpose and direction in your life

To find your soul’s salvation

To hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ

To worship and praise God

To grow in spiritual strength

To serve your Lord and Savior 


We will be celebrating our Church’s 42nd Anniversary this June,  and are so excited how God has blessed us throughout the years. 

Our first service was Sunday, June 28th, 1978 in a small office building on Castellano street.


Nine people, the Pastor, his family and Missionary Eldon Tudor and his family, were present.

Our first service, June 1978

On January 28th, 1979, we formed our Charter Membership with 37 members. The only active members from the original 37 today are Pastor , Marilyn and Michelle. We met in another small office building on Sunland Park, then rented a building on Festival St. for a while. We then rebuilt a building on Shorty Lane in March of 1980 while we saved money for our land and present Church building. We moved into our permanent location in November of 1992.

We have had 9 of our men surrender to God’s work. We have also started 7 Outreach Ministries which are:

– Missions Program

-Spanish Ministry & Outreach

-Prison Ministry

-Van Ministry

– Westside Baptist Temple Academy (just finished our 22nd year!)

-Bible Institute (not currently active)

We pray for the completion of our gym and for the safety of those working on it.Thank you to all who are a part and have been a part of our wonderful Church Family.  Make sure your family and friends know where you go to church and bring them with you!

We have lots of pictures on our Facebook site. Check them out!