Westside Baptist Temple


“What is the Virgin Birth of Christ about?”

December 10, 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“What it is that makes men wise”

December 3, 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“The Will of God”

November 26. 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“The Heavenly Vision Part 2”

November 19, 2017

Pastor Carl E. Chitwood




“The Heavenly Vision”

November 12, 2017

Pastor Carl E. Chitwood

“God’s Special Things”

October 29, 2017

Pastor Carl E. Chitwood

“The Joy of The Lord is your strength”

October 22, 2017

Bro. Robert Babnick

The Voyage of Life-Continued

October 15, 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“The Voyage of Life”

October 8, 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“Faith is a necessity”

October 1, 2017

Pastor Carl E. Chitwood

“Why should we give our Time/Money to God’s work/Church?”
Pastor Carl E. Chitwood

September 24, 2017


Sunday Morning A.M.

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

September 17, 2017

What kind of Parent are you?”

Part 1 A.M.

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

September 10, 2017

 “What Kind of Parent are you?”

Part 2 P.M.

September 10, 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“What Kind of Church are We?”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

September 3, 2017

“How to know if you have an Anger Problem”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

August 27, 2017

“The Value of the Local Church”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

August 20, 2017

“How to adapt to a changing World”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

July 31, 2017 AM Service

“Without Natural Affection”

July 23, 2017

Assistant Pastor Robert Babnick


Assistant Pastor Robert Babnick

July 16, 2017

“If I be lifted up”

Assistant Pastor Robert Babnick

“How High Heaven”

July 9, 2017

“Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“Appointments” July 2, 2017


Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

“What do we do now?

Father’s Day June 18. 2017

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood Preaching on “Noah”

Pastor Singing “When He Reached Down His Hand”

“When the going gets rough”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood and Special Guest Steve Weatherford.



“Tears of Jesus”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood




Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

 LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY                                                                                                   MAY 21, 2017

Thank You to all who serve this great nation in every field of service!


Hannah-Godly Wife & Mother

Mother’s Day May 14, 2017

Sea of Galilee or Dead Sea Christian” Matthew 4:18-25  April 30, 2017


"What Shall I do Lord?"
Acts 22:1-10
April 23, 2017

 "It Is Finished"
  April 16, 2017

"The Compassion of Jesus" Part 1
April 9, 2017

"The Compassion of Jesus"Part 2
April 9, 2017 P.M. Service

Why Jesus Is Worthy to be your Savior
Rev. 5:1-14 Text Verse 9      
March 26, 2017


"Four Words to live by"
March 19, 2017
Dr. Carl E. Chitwood


"Warnings for this Generation and the Next"
March 5th 2017

February 26, 2017
"Sin's Effect on us"

February 5, 2017
"Assurance of Salvation"

January 29, 2017
The Basic Fundamentals of Marriage- "The Children"

January 22, 2017

“The Basic Fundamentals Of Marriage-The In Laws”


January 15, 2017 

“The Basic Fundamentals of Marriage”


“What Made The Wise Men Wise?”

December 25, 2016

The Baby-God’s ONLY Begotten Virgin Born Son.
Dr. Carl E. Chitwood
December 11, 2016

“The Secret of Peace, and Good Will toward Men”

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood- Westside Baptist Temple

El Paso, Texas- December 4th 2016

“True Salvation produces righteous works”

November 27th, 2016


Dr. Carl E. Chitwood-November 20, 2016

“Blessings of a Thankful Attitude”



Dr. Carl E. Chitwood-November 13, 2016

“Does your talk match your walk?”

“Having Joy” 

October 30th, 2016

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood


“Why God Used John The Baptist”

October 23, 2016

Dr. Carl E. Chitwood


“A Pastor’s Responsibility To The Church-Part 1”

October 9th, 2016 AM Service

“The Pastor’s Responsibility to The Church-Part 2”

October 9, 2016 PM Service

“The Closer we get the smaller we look”


“The Kind of Church God wants us to have” Sept. 25th, 2016
Dr. Carl E. Chitwood- 

“Words To Live By” Sept. 9, 2016
Dr. Carl E. Chitwood

Pastor Chitwood will be preaching on Sept. 4th a message on Heaven. 2 Corinthians 5: 1-10

Text Verse: 2 Cor 5:2 For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

We would love to have you come and visit this Sunday Sept. 4th and listen to the message on Heaven. The place where Jesus is and where we will be one day. If you do not know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, you can know for sure you will be there when you depart this life. We pray you will receive a blessing as you come and worship with us. 












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