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I Am Your Church

By wsbt | March 6, 2014

Thank God for 32 years!

I am your church. Make of me what you will. I shall reflect you as clearly as a mirror. If outwardly, my appearance is pleasing and inviting, it is because you have made me so. If within, my spiritual atmosphere is kindly, yet earnest; reverent, yet friendly; worshipful, yet sympathetic, and strong; divine, yet humanly expressed, it is but the manifestation of the spirit of those who constitute my membership. But if you should by chance, find me a bit cold or dull, I beg of you not to condemn me, for I show forth the kind of life I receive from you. Of this you may always be assured; I will respond instantly to your every wish practically expressed, for I reflect the image of your own soul.

Make of me what you will.




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